W.I.S.E. KTAM CSI 300 China Tracker : CHINA

หน่วย : บาท

มูลค่าหน่วยลงทุน ณ 18/01/2018 : 6.7764
General Information
Fund Type Exchange Traded Fund that invests mainly in a foreign Fund (Feeder Fund)
Duration Indefinite
Initial Public Offering (IPO) 8 - 15 November 2010
Dividend Policy  
Registered Date 17 November 2010
Minimum Subscription 10,000 Baht
Inception Date 22 November 2010


Investment Policy
Passive management strategy will be employed by this Fund with a focus to invest only in the W.I.S.E.- CSI 300 China Tracker (Master Fund) which is the fund for detail investors (retail fund). The Management Company will invest, on average, at least 80% of its NAV or in such ratio as prescribed by the SEC.


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W.I.S.E. KTAM CSI 300 China Tracker CHINA
W.I.S.E. – CSI 300 China Tracker
(Master Fund)
CSI 300 Index SHA:000300


Master Fund and Index


Participating Dealer: PD
Phatra Securities Pcl.
KT ZMICO Securities Co., Ltd.
Bualuang Securities ญแส.
Asia Plus Securities Pcl.
DBS Vickers Securities (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.


Market Maker: MM
Phatra Securities Pcl.


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Past Performance ( As of 29 December 2017 )
PerformanceCHINA Benchmark 1
 3 months 4.54% 5.31%
 6 months 12.32% 11.28%
 9 months 19.59% 18.71%
 1 year 19.59% 19.00%
 3 year 4.93% 5.36%
 5 year 10.29% 11.03%
 10 year N/A N/A
Registered Date
0.74% 1.46%
* Peer Group Fund Performance Report by AIMC
* 1) Benchmark คำนวณจากผลตอบแทนของกองทุน W.I.S.E. - CSI 300 China Tracker ซึ่งได้คำนวณให้อยู่ในรูปสกุลเงินบาท ณ วันที่คำนวณผลตอบแทน
* The assessment of the fund's performance as shown on this website has been in accordance with the assessment standards set by the Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC).
* Past performance of the fund may not be indicative of future operation .

Average Instrument Lifetime

Average Modified Duration 0.00

Dividend History: CHINA

Book Closing Date (DD/MM/YY)Payment Date NAV Before
Payment Date
Baht/Unit (Dividend)
26 Jun 15 14 Jul 157.04751.5000 baht/unit
Total 1 times Total Dividends 1.5000 baht

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