Krung Thai mai Equity Fund : KT-mai

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Krung Thai mai Equity Fund : KT-mai
Fund Type Open-End Equity Fund
Risk Level 6
Investment Policy The Fund has its policy to invest at least 80% of the net asset in stocks of listed companies in the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) which has high growth potential. The rest of the fund will be invested in equity of companies listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, bonds, hybrid securities, financial instruments, deposits, securities and other assets. The Fund may also invest in other types of investment allowed by the SEC Laws.

The Fund may also invest in derivatives for hedging purpose in accord to the SEC regulations and notifications.
Dividend Policy No dividend
Initial Minimum Subscription
(IPO Period)
1,000 Baht
Minimum Subscription (After IPO Period and Subsequent Subscription) 1,000 Baht
Settlement Period (T+3) Within 3 business days after the transaction date
Trading Hours Every business day from 8.30 - 15.30 at Krung Thai Bank, selling agents, and Internet Trading : KTAM SMART TRADE (
Management Fee not exceeding 2.00% per annum (1)
(currently charge 2.14% per annum (2))
Trustee Fee not exceeding 0.07% per annum (1)
(currently charge 0.03% per annum (2))
Registrar Fee not exceeding 0.20% per annum (1)
(currently charge 0.21% per annum (2))
Front-end Fee* not exceeding 3.00% (currently charge 1.00%)
Back-end Fee*,** not exceeding 3.00% (currently charge 0.25%)

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Past Performance ( As of 30 March 2018 )
PerformanceKT-mai Benchmark 1
 3 months -6.49% -8.74%
 6 months -6.34% -13.54%
 9 months -2.79% -12.43%
 1 year -7.32% -16.54%
 3 year N/A N/A
 5 year N/A N/A
 10 year N/A N/A
Registered Date
-0.78% -9.29%
* Peer Group Fund Performance Report by AIMC
* 1) Benchmark คำนวณจากผลตอบแทนรวมตลาดหลักทรัพย์เอ็ม เอ ไอ (MAI Total Return Index)
* The assessment of the fund's performance as shown on this website has been in accordance with the assessment standards set by the Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC).
* Past performance of the fund may not be indicative of future operation .

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Average Modified Duration 0.00

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