Krung Thai Inflation Linked Fund : KTILF

หน่วย : บาท

มูลค่าหน่วยลงทุน ณ 19/04/2018 : 10.5281
General Information
Fund Type Open-End Fixed Income Fund
Fund Policy Focusing on investing in the inflation-linked bond (ILB) that issued by Thai government or the fixed income or unit trusts that have the return depends on the variation following the change of both in-bound and out-bound inflation.
Duration Indefinite
Approval Date 5 March 2013
Minimum Subscription (IPO Period) 10,000 Baht
Minimum Subscription (After IPO Period) Not specified
Dividend Policy As stated in the prospectus and depending on the consideration of the asset management company that is abiding the investor's benefit as importance. 
Rate of Return Depend on the rate of interest received and the differential market price of instruments and/or assets which the fund invests
Trading Hours All business day, before 15.30


Fee / Expense
Management Fee

0.30% per annum

Registrar Fee

0.07% per annum

Trustee Fee

0.02% per annum

Front-end Fee Not exceeding 1.00% of NAV (now waived)
Back-end Fee Not exceeding 1.00% of NAV (now waived)
Switching Fee Not exceeding 1.00% of NAV (now waived)


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Past Performance ( As of 30 March 2018 )
PerformanceKTILF Benchmark 1
 3 months -0.12% 0.47%
 6 months 1.53% 1.99%
 9 months 4.64% 3.89%
 1 year 4.87% 3.78%
 3 year 3.76% 3.84%
 5 year 3.63% 3.46%
 10 year N/A N/A
Registered Date
1.09% 1.19%
* Peer Group Fund Performance Report by AIMC
* 1) Benchmark คำนวณจากอัตราผลตอบแทนของ Barclays Capital Thailand Government inflation-linked Bond Index คำนวณโดยปรับส่วนต่างของอัตราแลกเปลี่ยนเป็นเงินสกุลบาท
* The assessment of the fund's performance as shown on this website has been in accordance with the assessment standards set by the Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC).
* Past performance of the fund may not be indicative of future operation .

Average Instrument Lifetime

Average Modified Duration 9.51

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