KTAM World Agriculture Fund : KT-AGRI

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KTAM World Agriculture Fund : KT-AGRI
Fund type
Open-Ended Mutual Fund that invests in a single foreign investment fund (Feeder Fund) 
Fund's Risk Level Level 7 Sector Funds
Investment Policy Mainly invest in BGF World Agriculture Fund at least 80% of total NAV. The fund will not invest in structured note, non-investment grade or unrated securities.
Master Fund BlackRock World Agriculture Fund
ISIN (Master Fund) LU0471298777
Management Company (Master Fund) BlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.
Investment Objective (Master Fund) The World Agriculture Fund seeks to maximize total return. The fund invests globally at least 70% of its total assets in the equity securities of agricultural companies. Agricultural companies are those which are engaged in agriculture, agricultural chemicals, equipment and infrastructure, agricultural commodities and food, bio-fuels, crop sciences, farm land and forestry.
Currency (Master Fund) SGD Hedged
Hedging Policy (in THB) The fund may invest and hold currency derivatives for the purpose of hedging against FX risks, subjected to the discretion of the fund manager to cope with the prevailing investment climate.
Dividend Policy None
Subscription & Redemption Period Every dealing date of the fund by 14.00 hrs/2
Registered Date 3 May 2011
Minimum Purchase Amount 1,000 Baht


Fees & Expenses
Management Fee/1 Not exceeding 1.75% p.a./3 (currently 0.94%/4)
Trustee Fees Not exceeding 0.07%/3 (currently 0.03%/4)
Registrar Fee Not exceeding 0.20%/3 (currently 0.21%/4)
Subscription Fee/1, /2 Not exceeding 5%/3 (currently 1.50%/4)
Redemption Fee/1, /2 Not exceeding 3%/3 (waived)
Redemption Settlement Date Within 5 settlement business days (For redemption proceeds) after the relevant valuation day.
Custodian Standard Chartered Bank (Thai) PCL
Registrar  Krung Thai Asset Management PCL
Bloomberg Ticker
Ticker (Master Fund) WLDA2SG:LX

 /1 The schedule can be changed without prior notice.

/2 Subscription & Redemption Period refers to every business day except fund holiday. If that date coincides with a public holiday, redemptions will begin on the next business day. KTAM will display the list of non trading days in advance, on a notice posted at KTAM’s office premises or the office of selling agents (if any). The Investor should study the fund's prospectus before investing.

/3 This rate does not include VAT and/or other Taxes.

/4 This rate include VAT and/or other Taxes. 


Fund Literature
Fund Fact Sheet (Master Fund)

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Past Performance ( As of 30 March 2018 )
PerformanceKT-AGRI Benchmark 1
 3 months -8.99% -8.18%
 6 months -6.24% -4.67%
 9 months -0.43% 0.32%
 1 year -1.25% -1.05%
 3 year -0.81% 2.83%
 5 year -3.11% 1.80%
 10 year N/A N/A
Registered Date
-1.64% 3.18%
* Peer Group Fund Performance Report by AIMC
* 1) Benchmark คำนวณจาก DAX Global Agribusiness Index ในสกุลเงินดอลล่าร์สหรัฐ คำนวณโดยปรับส่วนต่างของอัตราแลกเปลี่ยนเป็นเงินสกุลบาท
* The assessment of the fund's performance as shown on this website has been in accordance with the assessment standards set by the Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC).
* Past performance of the fund may not be indicative of future operation .

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