Business Philosophy and Code of Conduct

Company’s Business Philosophy and Code of Conduct

1.   To operate business in accordance with the company policies based on ethics, integrity and honesty

2.   To be earnestly determined to assimilate the benefits of clients, agents and the company

3.   To try the best to be a part of the process that offers better financial future for the company’s clients

4.   To help the company constantly advance further, both in terms of technology and the quality improvement among employees, without neglecting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and breaking the law

Guidelines on the Prevention of Conflict of Interest 
1.    As a directive in receiving gifts and gratuities on festive occasions
“The company prohibits employees from receiving gifts or any gratuities that are worth more than 5,000 baht.  The employee, who is given a gift or any gratuity received is worth more than 10,000 baht, is to send such an item to the Office of President for subsequent sharing with other employees.”
2.    Krung Thai Asset Management’s Disclosure Policy of Investment Funds
   “Krung Thai Asset Management may invest in and manage other securities or assets, which are in accordance with regulations.  Holders of investment units, clients or interested investors, who wish to acquire investment information in detail, may contact Krung Thai Asset Management and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the selling agent.”

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